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Community Health Overview  

The Public Health program within Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties is part of the Minnesota state/local partnership. The partnership’s mission is to…"lead efforts to protect and promote the health of all people in Minnesota.”

State and local government work together with other organizations to protect and promote the health of the entire population by emphasizing the prevention of disease, injury, disability, and preventable death. This is achieved through regular community health assessment and planning which focuses on identifying the top health needs impacting our communities and developing a plan to address those health needs. This includes promotion of effective coordination between local public health and our community partners and resources, and by extending health services into the community. It is done to assure that all persons have the opportunity to achieve and maintain their best level of health and independence, and lead vital, productive lives.

Locally, this mission is accomplished by taking statewide essential local Public Health activities and implementing them within Faribault & Martin Counties. This is achieved in the most efficient/cost effective manner, while at the same time, assuring the activities fit into the cultural, social, emotional, physical environment within our counties.

Our local Public Health system is designed to comply with rules and regulations, it facilitates community assessment so we can prioritize acceptable activities aimed at resident needs. We work closely with residents and community partners to assess and plan services for persons that have issues limiting their independence. We work with local, state, and federal partners to identify gaps in quality and accessibility of health care services. This includes providing information on the gaps and what might be done to fill those gaps.

Infectious disease prevention and management has been a part of Public Health for over 200 years. Our local environment impacts the health of our residents. With community partners, we work to make the environment as healthy as possible for our residents and visitors. We work to make our communities as healthy as possible so our residents can practice healthy behaviors. Since 9/11 we have been involved in our local emergency preparedness. Our primary partners with emergency preparedness are law enforcement and the medical clinics and hospitals. In addition to our local emergency preparedness, we are also working with regional partners to make sure we can respond to an array of emergency situations.

The Public Health system works closely with other Human Services programs and community partners to support residents and their families/friends/neighbors. At the same time we are working to enhance each other’s efforts and avoid duplication of services.

Information and Referral
Often residents have questions about health/available services. They may not know where to go to get answers, or they may need additional information. A Public Health Nurse, a Social Worker, or a Mental Health Worker are available during agency office hours to answer these questions. In addition to providing information, the worker may also refer to agency and/or community services. Agency staff participate in a number of community work groups aimed at assuring services are available to our residents and identifying where services need to be developed.


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