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Martin County Center: (507) 238-4757
Faribault County Center: (507) 526-3265

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Citizens' Advisory Committee

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee is formed under the authority of Minnesota Statute, Section 402 HUMAN SERVICES, and specifically, Section 402.03 ADVISORY COMMITTEE. The Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties’ Board has further delineated purpose, duties, and composition of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee within Article VIII of their By-Laws.

Purpose and Duties

The overall purpose of the Advisory Committee is to serve as an advisory committee to the Human Services Board. In fulfilling this purpose, the Committee duties shall include:

  1. provision of information in the development of plans, budgets, or special studies assigned by the Board
  2. review and evaluation of operations and implementation of approved plans and budgets;
  3. effort to be aware of the mandate and mission of the agency and its programs;
  4. attempts to understand the responsibilities of personnel, as well as the constraints placed upon them;
  5. contacts with other community leaders and political leaders;
  6. suggesting ways of achieving goals and improving operations;
  7. review and comment on special interest group and community at-large input regarding programs, service, and approved plan implementation;
  8. performing such other powers and duties as may be provided by law and/or assigned by the Human Services Board.

To assist the Committee in performing its duties, members will be provided with:

  1. clarification of the mandate and mission of the agency;
  2. explanation of current trends in program content and requirements;
  3. information on the choices available for the use of resources and achievement of goals;
  4. results of evaluations of program delivery;
  5. opportunity for member orientation regarding other human service agencies, programs, services, and timely issues;
  6. technical assistance to members in seeking information on the needs of fellow citizens, performance, and opportunity to influence policies;
  7. periodic joint Human Services Board-Advisory Committee meetings for purposes of feedback, communication, and coordination.

Advisory Committee Members

Jane Kotewa, Martin County 

David Murray - Faribault County -Chair

Dr. Timothy Slama, Martin County

Douglas Landsteiner, Martin County

Matthew Burnett, Martin County

Holly Burnett, Martin County

Chris Gerhardt, Martin County

Kayt Klemek, Faribault County

Sue Eisenmenger, Martin County

Joann Woodward, Martin County

Megan Hanson-Haase, Faribault County 

Vicki Schulte, Faribault County

Cheryl Hamp, Martin County

Nicole Bell, Faribault County

Becky Mensing, Faribault County 

Sarah Caballero, Martin County

Jason Subbert, Martin County

Sandy Lorenz, Faribault County

Jennifer Murphy, Faribault County 

Beth Labenz, Martin County

Kermit Brown, Martin County

Polly Mosloski, Martin County

Jim Wood, Martin County

Megan Sorensen, Faribault County 

Mary Best, Martin County 

Gloria Pederson, Faribault County 


The advisory board has the following vacancies available to fill:

Community Health Provider (1)

Community Health Program Consumer (2 openings)

Chemical Dependency Provider (1)

Developmental Disabilities Provider (1)

Adult Mental Health Professional/Practitioner (1)



Anyone interested in these positions can click here to complete a short, online application to be considered for the vacancies. Applicants are appointed by the Human Services Board.