Martin County Center: (507) 238-4757
Faribault County Center: (507) 526-3265
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Martin County Center: (507) 238-4757
Faribault County Center: (507) 526-3265

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Aging & Disability

Emergency reports

Do not use email in emergency situations or to make a vulnerable adult report.
For an immediate response—24 hours a day, seven days a week—call 844-880-1574 to reach the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center

About adult protection

A vulnerable adult is any person, 18 or older, who receives services from a licensed health care facility or home care or personal care assistance provider in Minnesota, or who requires assistance to provide for his or her own care. This person also is unable or unlikely to report maltreatment because of a physical or mental limitation.

A vulnerable adult is a victim of maltreatment when she or he is subjected to abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation.

The Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center refers maltreatment reports to the lead investigative agency within the appropriate jurisdiction: County adult protection services, the state Office of Health Facility Complaints, the Minnesota Department of Human Services Licensing Division, or law enforcement, depending on where the maltreatment occurred and whether or not criminal activity is suspected.

For general questions about Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties Adult Protection Services, call 507-238-4757 or  507-526-3265.

Update:  8/2022; Adult Protection Prioritization Guidelines are available via Documents.

MN Senior Health Option (MSHO)
MSHO is a service for persons over 65 who are on Medical Assistance (MA). MSHO is a health insurance program. MSHO provides a care coordinator (CC), who is a Registered Nurse, for every person that is on MSHO. The CC is available to help the resident address their health care needs. The scope of this help can range from a phone call every 6 months to answering questions/offering assistance when needed to authorizing in home services that the resident chooses.

Long Term Care Consultation (LTCC)/MnCHOICES
LTCC/MnCHOICES is an assessment completed by a Registered Nurse or Social Worker.The assessment is designed to identify the resident’s strengths and needs and help the resident develop a plan of care to meet their needs. The assessment is available to all residents of Faribault and Martin Counties.

Personal Care Assistance (PCA)
PCA is a service paid for by Medical Assistance. To receive PCA, an assessment is completed by a Public Health Nurse. PCA services can help with such things as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), health-related procedures and tasks, observation and redirection of behaviors, and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs).                               


Waivers/In Home Services
For eligible persons, the LTCC offers services to support the resident in staying within the community. The type of services and/or waiver is dependent on the resident’s needs and desires.

Elderly Waiver (EW)
EW funds home and community-based services for residents age 65 and older who are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA), require the level of medical care provided in a nursing home, and choose to reside in the community.

Alternative Care (AC)
AC is a MN-funded program that supports certain home and community-based services for Minnesotans, age 65 years and over, who are at risk of nursing home placement and have low levels of income and assets.

For more information contact Amy Detloff, RN at 507-238-4757

Martin County Center

115 West 1st Street
Fairmont, Minnesota 56031

Telephone: (507) 238-4757

Fax: (507) 238-1574

Faribault County Center

412 North Nicollet
PO Box 217
Blue Earth, Minnesota 56013

Fax: (507) 526-2039

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